Healthy Heart With Canola Oil

We can all look out for our heart health without giving up great tasting food. We can increase our heart health with an assortment of tastey nutritious food choices. There is an abundance of fresh vegetables, beans and flavorful oils that are great for our heart health.
We don’t have to entirely eliminate fats from our diets to eat healthier. Substantial reduction of “bad” fats is the true magic key. Trans fats and saturated fats should be on our hit list. Trans fats are common in fast food and in most commercial baked food items. They are unhealthy because they tend to increase bad cholesterol levels which is not good for your heart. Don’t get depressed. There are other types of fats that are healthy and good for your heart. Yes, there are fats that will increase your “good” cholesterol levels.
Canola oil is one example of a heart healthy oil. It is loaded with good for your heart omega-3 polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats . Omega-3 fats help to guard against heart attack and strokes. Canola oil has less than half of the saturated fat of olive oil. Canola oil in fact has less cholesterol-raising saturated fat than all of the cooling oils.
Canola oil is packed with vitamin E and has zero trans fats. Canola oil is a great oil for sauteing because it has a low smoke point. It also has a mild flavor that doesn’t overwhelm and allows the flavor of other ingredients to be apprecieated. Canola oil is fantastic in vinagrettes and marinades. It also is useful in keeping food moist and juicy.
Get smart amd give canola oil a try. Your heart will be pleasantly surprised.

Chef Gregory Routt